What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a form of visual communication that uses typography, photography, and illustration to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.

The goal is to communicate the message as quickly as possible. Graphic design may include logo creation, poster production, packaging or anything else that communicates visually.

Graphic Designers use tools such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop to produce their work with precision for clients across many industries.

What makes a good design?

It is important to have a good design when selling your product. Whether that be t-shirts, posters, or even stickers, all of these items need to look professional and attractive to the average person.

Even if you are not selling anything but just want something nice for yourself, it’s still important because you want something that looks cute or cool.

When creating designs there are several things that people keep in mind including color palette, font choice, and layout of elements on the page among others.

These choices can make or break your design so it is best to think about them carefully before beginning work on an illustration project.”

Why is software important for designing?

Design is a major part of our daily lives. We use it when we’re buying a new car, making a website for the company you work at, and even when we are designing something as simple as an invitation to your child’s birthday party.

Nowadays, most people have heard of Adobe Illustrator and know that it is important in design but they don’t really understand why the software makes such a difference.

While some people think that Photoshop or other image editing software is better suited for graphic designers working with images, Illustrator has many features that make it great for creating vector images too.