What are alt attributes in wordpress

Every blog post needs a title and a tagline, but what many bloggers don’t realize is that it’s also important to add alt attributes. What are they? They’re the text that appears in your browser when you hover over an image.

If the images on your site have no alt attribute, then nothing will show up in place of them. This can be really frustrating for someone who is using their screen reader to read through your posts or articles – especially if there are captions under each one!

What are alt attributes in WordPress

The alt attribute is an important part of the HTML language that allows for text to be displayed when images are not available. This can happen on devices with no internet connection or where images have been turned off, such as in Google Reader.

WordPress has a setting called “alt texts” which you can use to set appropriate alt attributes for your posts’ featured images. It’s also important to use these settings so that search engines will index your site properly and display it correctly in their search results pages.

Though many people don’t know about this feature, it’s an easy way to make sure your blog is accessible by all users!

How to use alt attributes in WordPress

Alt attributes are short descriptions of an image that are used for SEO purposes. If you have a WordPress website, you should be using alt attributes so your search engine ranking improves.

The reason why it matters is because many people use images as their description in Google instead of words and the more descriptive the text is, the higher up on Google’s results page it will appear.

This means if someone searches for something related to your post and they see an image there with good keywords/phrases, they might click on it even if your blog post isn’t at the top of their list!

How to use attributes in a images

step by step

1 ) Click Add NewClick Add New

2 ) Click Add MediaClick Add Media

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3 ) Click Any 1 image and Type the Alt textType the Alt text


So make sure you add alt attributes to your images. If they’re too long, then try cutting the text down and see if it’s still readable when someone hovers over it with their cursor. And remember – these little details can really help those who are visually impaired access your content!

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