How to type on the inside of a circle in illustrator?

In this blog post, I will show you how to type on the inside of a circle in Illustrator. This is very easy and can be used for many projects.

You can use it when making logos or even create a nice design with it such as an arrow going through the middle of your text (more like a target). It’s also great for creating buttons that look professional!

1 ) Open Your Adobe Illustrator and create a new page.Adobe Illustrator

2 ) Click “Ellipse Tool”Click “Ellipse Tool”

3 ) create an Ellipsecreate an Ellipse

4 ) Click “Type on a Path Tool”Click “Type on a path Tool

5 ) Click path in strokeClick path in stroke

6 ) Add/Write your textAdd/Write your text

7 ) Go> Type> Type on a Path> Type on a Path Options

Go> Type> Type on a Path> Type on a Path Options

8 )  1 Click “Preview”> 2 Click “Flip>3 Click “Descender”Click “Preview”> 2 Click “Flip>3 Click “Descender”

How can I do spacing and alignment?

If you want to align objects in the same direction, select them all and choose an Align option: Horizontal or Vertical.

For example, if you have a text box and a circle on the artboard with some text inside it that you want vertically aligned at the top of the box, then select both objects and use “Vertical” from the Align panel.

What’s the keyboard shortcut for “perfect circles?”

I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for years, but I’m still discovering new things about the program. For example, have you ever wanted to make perfect circles? Well, it’s actually very simple if you know how to do it!

Just hold down shift while pressing the “c” key on your keyboard and boom – perfect circles. Pretty cool right?

You can even adjust the size of your circle by holding down shift while adjusting with the arrow keys on your keyboard! It’s so helpful when creating logo designs or other types of graphics.

Conclusion for How to type on the inside of a circle in illustrator

You can now create a nice, professional-looking logo with the Adobe Illustrator program and the circle function.

All you need to do is draw a rectangle that’s about an inch wide and then go into your “pathfinder” tab (Tools) and select “Union”. After this, just fill in the shape with any color or design of your choice!

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