How to tell if a site is wordpress

The information below will help you tell if a site is WordPress. This is important to know for security reasons and because it can be helpful when doing research on the internet.

WordPress websites are typically easier to navigate than other types of sites, such as blogs or forum sites. When you visit a WordPress website, take note of the following:

1 ) Admin panel will be with the link, “wp-admin”

2 ) Open website and check source  “WP”. Press the button on the right side and view sourcePress the button on the right side and view source

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  • Find “wp”

3 ) Check Online: Go to the website “” and Enter the website URL  > Click “Detect WordPress”

How can I tell what platform a website is using?

Most websites are built on a platform that allows for the website to function and be compatible with browsers. The two most popular platforms, WordPress and Joomla!, have distinct differences in their user interface and design.

This blog post will help you tell what platform a site is using so that you can decide which one best fits your needs.


If you see a blog post that is written in first person, it’s likely WordPress. If the website has many ads and pop-ups, there’s also a good chance it will be wordpress.

The fonts on most websites are very similar to each other so if you notice one site doesn’t have this style of font or anything else mentioned above, they might not use wordpress as their CMS platform.

-If the website is using CSS3 features such as rounded corners and drop shadows, then its probably wordpress because these effects require coding knowledge and time to create which isn’t something most people would do for themselves when building a personal website.


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