How to round edges in illustrator

You are reading this blog post because you are looking for a way to round the edges of your vector art in Illustrator. You may be asking yourself, “How do I round corners?

How do i make my vector shapes rounded?” Well, fear not! This blog post will show you how to round the edges of your vector shape using Illustrator’s Pen Tool and Pathfinder options.

1 ) Open Your Illustrator and create a rectanglecreate a rectangle

2 ) Select “Direct Selection Tool” And click 2nd Point and Pull downSelect “Direct Selection Tool” And click 2nd Point and Pull down

3 ) Solve your problemSolve your problem

This post will show you where to find PMS colors within Illustrator so that you can create amazing designs with ease! Lets See How to find pms color in illustrator

Can you round corners of various shapes in illustrator?

Are you looking for a way to round corners in Illustrator? It’s easy! I’ll show you how today.

Step 1: Create your shape(s)

Step 2: Use the “pathfinder” tool (located under the “object” menu) and select both of your shapes so they are highlighted blue, then click on “add to shape area.” This will create one big object.

Then continue with step 3.  OR… if you want two separate objects, just ungroup them by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + G twice. That’s it! Now you can change the corner radius of your rounded rectangle or circle easily by double clicking on its path and changing the value that appears above it.

Can you find Rounded rectangle tool in Illustrator?

The Rounded Rectangle tool is one of the most basic tools in Adobe Illustrator. It allows you to create a shape that has rounded corners, which can be an excellent starting place for many designs.

The Rounded Rectangle tool is located under the rectangle tool on your toolbar and it looks like this:

Rounded Rectangle tool


Now that you know how to round corners, you can make your vector art look even more polished. If there are any other skill sets in Illustrator for drawing rounded shapes or adding curved lines to objects, please let us know! We would be happy to help give some pointers on the best ways to use these skills.

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