History of Adobe Illustrator

The history of Adobe Illustrator can be traced back to the early 1980s. At that time, it was called “The Illustrator”. It was originally created by a company called Aldus Corporation for use on Apple Macintosh computers.

The original version only had one tool—the pencil tool—and could create vector-based drawings in black and white with no fill or line colors, which were added later. Since 2011 there have been eight major releases of Adobe Illustrator (1 through CC).

Each new release has included more features than the last, providing users with greater capabilities when creating illustrations. This post will provide an overview of the history of Adobe Illustrator from its inception up until today’s current version (CC 2017).

What are the advantages of using Illustrator over other design software?

Adobe Illustrator is design software that has been used by many professionals for decades. Adobe Illustrator has the tools to create graphics and icons, logos, illustrations, and much more.

It also has vector-based drawing tools that allow for crisp lines and curves with high-quality output at any size! Whether you are a student or an experienced professional there are plenty of benefits to using Adobe Illustrator as your design software of choice.

If you have not yet given it a try then I highly recommend downloading the trial version from their website today!